Monday, April 14, 2008


Mason started playing T-ball this last week and Saturday was his first game. T-ball is an interesting sport. There really needs to be about a 1-1 ratio of player to coach to pull the whole thing off. The game was the red team (Mason's team) vs. the blue team. The first time Mason was up to bat, he hit the ball like a pro, it even crossed the pitcher's mound. 1 of the 6 coaches told him to run and Mason obeyed. He just started running all over the infield while everyone red and blue was yelling at him where to go. He finally figured out where 1st base was located and the crowd calmed down. The next time he was up to bat, he thought it was time to practice his reading skills while reading the bat. Thank goodness the coach reminded him what he should really be doing with the bat. Okay, so now Mason made it to third base and he is having a conversation with the third baseman, Lloyd. Lloyd must have been just as bored as Mason cause he took his name tag off of his shirt and stuck it on his mouth. The kid up to bat, hit the ball and the 3rd base coach told Mason to run home. Mason responded with "all the way to my home?" Well, the kid has alot to learn.... but he's only 5 and is finding his niche. Maybe t-ball won't be his thing but we have 8 more games to try it out. Mason is a great sport with a willing attitude and thats all I can ask for!