Thursday, July 24, 2008

frustrated parenting

Sometimes its is so frustrating to be a parent. You never know if you are doing the right thing - there is no manual and you have to go with your gut. Well, my gut could be wrong... don't you think!
This week Mason and Avery have had swimming lessons. I made the mistake to put them in the city program, which is a pain in the butt to drive too and for my chicken children is way too many people to be around. Next year, we will defiantly do it at our home in our pool - where everything is familiar. Mason has come so far this year in the pool - so he had no problems - jumping in and doing what the instructor asked of him. The class is actually way too basic for him. Avery is a whole different story..... My brave little girl was so fearful of the big public pool. Here is how the week has gone thus far. Monday: we tried to coax her in with no luck. Tuesday: We made her sit by the pool and watch the other kids. One of the lifeguards sat next to her explaining to her how fun it is in the water and showed her all her lifesaving tricks in her bag; she still did not get in. Wednesday: Avery's friend came over in the morning to swim in our pool and Avery was not wanting to leave to go to her class, so we let her stay home. Thursday (today): She sat on the edge for like 5 or so minutes and the instructor was talking to her. I asked her if she just wanted me to dip her, and she said yes. I dipped her legs and then just handed her over to the instructor. She screamed and screamed! Bloody murder! The lifeguard said that she would just hold her for a while. She stayed in the pool for the rest of the class, which was only about 20 more minutes and cried the whole time. At one point, I stepped back because it was so hard to see my little girl crying. I wanted to rescue her so bad..... but would that have taught her anything? Here is one of those crossroads. What is the right thing? Do I let her scream and cry in the pool? On one hand, I know she is fine. She is always fine in our pool. She is strong-willed and afraid of the unknown. I should teach her that she should conquer her fears. On the other hand; could this scar her forever? Will she never trust me again?
We have decided to do the same thing tomorrow. It is Allen's day to take them to swim class and I'm so thankful. I don't think my mommy heart could handle one more 30 minute class of her screaming the whole time.
Parenting is hard work and I know it will only get harder...... I can't imagine how people do this without prayer and faith.