Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The funny things kids do

I'm trying to keep a positive attitude daily, no matter what my three little angels throw at me. Really concentrating on this has helped put things into perspective and it's working! Those moments that I find myself ready to yell or sometimes even yelling, I catch myself and take a deep breath. I've even just walked away, which really confuses my kids when I leave the room in mid yell. But this has helped my attitude toward life, my kids, my work, homeschooling, the house, etc. etc.
While working on this aspect of my personality it has allowed me to really enjoy the little things through out the day. Instead of getting mad that the 2 year old is screaming and hitting me, I can just laugh. Or when the 6 year old says he can't wait to be a grown up where he never has to do school or eat his food and can sit on the couch and watch cartoons all day... I again can just smile!
Today my kids have been saying the silliest things. Mason was reading to Avery and Jack today, something that we've added to our daily schedule to allow Mason to work on his reading skills and to give me a few minutes to unload the dishwasher. After the story was over they came running into the kitchen telling me they needed deodorant. I guess the book they were reading was really into hygiene. So I obliged and we all took a field trip into mommy and daddy's bathroom. Mason made it very clear that only he and Jack could use Daddy's deodarant and Avery must use Mommy's. Jack must have asked a question about the point of this whole thing, when Mason looked at him quite annoying and said, "Jack we use deodarnt so that our elbows smell good!" I guess we need to do a anatomy lesson so that he doesn't go around thinking that his arm pits are his elbows!
Avery and Jack were playing teacher-student outside today. I went out to check on them and noticed that some of our reading books were out there with them. I started in on the lecture that inside toys need to stay inside, when Jack looked at me and said, "We really need these books because we are texting our friends with them." Okay, so I know that doesn't make any sense, but in a 2 year old's mind he was "texting."
I feel blessed on days like today, where I can really take time to reflect on things that are happening in my day, instead of being to rushed that I take these things for granted.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Defending my decsions

I'm reading this book right now called, "I saw the Angel in the Marble." It is a book written by a homeschooling family and it is amazing. While reading this book, it is giving me the confirmation that my heart has needed that we are doing the right thing. 
You know, when you make a decision that is against the grain, you feel like you have to defend or apologize for making this decision. I am tired of this. This is my family and I am not going to explain this anymore. I think our decision to homeschool is the best decision for the way we want to raise our family. I'm not sure why I have a hard time talking to non-homeschooling families about this. I think its because we are on opposite sides of the fence and I don't want to offend them.
I know homeschooling is not for every family. I'm happy that God has put this on mine and Allen's hearts. I'm happy that we have obeyed.