Sunday, August 31, 2008

Costco Trip

I'm not sure why I encourage the whole family to take a Costco trip with me. I'm exhausted at the end of a normal trip to Costco, let alone with three cranky children who just want a churro at the end and a husband who is in awe of the "Costco-amazingness." Today we decided to go after church. I had like 6 things on my list, which you know means we are at least buying 10 and spending well over 100 dollars. Why oh why is toilet paper 18 dollars? Good grief!
Jack is always causing mischief and trying to run through the whole store. He thinks the cart might eat him and so he has refused to sit in carts anymore. (Neither of the other two ever went through a stage like this - in fact they would jump at the chance to still sit in the cart!)
Our Costco has a "dairy cooler" and I guess it makes a loud rushing air sound when you walk it. Of course, that sent Sensitive-ear-boy-Jack off on his first screaming escapade of the day. The cooler was going to "get him."
We then proceed to buy the golden toilet paper and move our way to the cooler sections. Mason who is in la-la land for most of the trip is running into people, getting hit by their carts and has already caused me to run his foot over twice. As if its not hard enough to push the thousand pound cart, worry about Jack being eaten by the dairy cooler, then I have to continually tell Mason to "watch out, get out of the way, look where your going, etc."
Our last stop is the snack aisle, where the asking begins: "Can I have these fruit snacks?" "Ohhhh - I have to have these Sponge Bob cookies." I just keep walking trying to ignore the comments and get into line. I pay for the cart full of groceries but not before I get cash out so we can brave eating lunch at the Costco food court.
We like to eat lunch there cause we can all eat, with dessert, for under 14 dollars, but the experience is always the same.... Me bringing the food to the table, while Allen gets a table and mans the kids. I then fill the drinks and take anyone to the potty that may need to go. When I return, Allen is usually cutting up the food, while I take the hot dogs for their fixings. I finally return to sit down and try to enjoy my extremely high calorie lunch. The plan is for the three kids to share one drink, after all there are free refills. Today this caused an uproar among the natives. Maybe it was because we came from church where they only drank dixie cup sized water with their snack (my kids are drinkers). But sharing was not in the cards today. Everyone devoured their pizzas and hot dogs while yelling back to each other that they were so thirsty and it was their turn to drink.
We ran into a family from church, which somehow sent my kids into overdrive and the loud talking and hugging began. They have three kids too, so between the 2 of us, we tried to eat lunch with 6 kids all 5 and under. We survived and headed out with our heavy cart.
The kids take turns holding the receipt for the door lady to make a pretty smiley face on it as she checks to make sure we did not steal anything. Today was Avery's turn, which made her extremelly happy and thankfully the boys didn't seem to care.
You would think a Costco trip woud end there.... but the story continues as we load the car in the parking lot, unload the car in the driveway and everyone takes something in the house where things are put away.
Whew.... now the house is quiet and there are two sleeping children and one who is reading quietly. A Costco trip well accomplished today!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

This is why you don't have a lot of kids......

I have one kid in school, but I feel like I'm already a taxi service. Tonight Mason had his first choir practice. We have been trying to figure out what "activity" he will do for the Fall. I asked him to play soccer... and he was not into that. He wanted to do karate and that sounded good to me, but then one Sunday we got a flyer after Sunday School for a choir that was for K-2 graders. Oh man... this couldn't have been more perfect. Tonight was his first practice and he loved it. They sing very fun songs and they even dance. It was hilarious watching him try and keep with the dance moves - but he loved it! I'm so excited that he has found his niche.
Then after choir practice, we went to the book fair at his school. That was fun too. There always seems to be something to do.
Avery starts her gymnastics/dance/yoga class next week. For September and October she will be taking a class at the college. She is super excited - but that will keep us busy another night a week. I wanted to wait until she was 4 to start her in an activity, but she has been begging me to do something and this seemed perfect for her. After October, we can take a break or figure out what area she wants to focus on.
I can't imagine what will happen when Jackson is ready to start something..... There is not enough days in the week to have more children... Three is good.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Life in a minute

Yesterday Mason was eating a fruit snack and it got stuck in his throat. The aide had to do the Hemimlich on him to get it back up. He vomited, they sent him to the nurse and got Allen out of class. Allen texted message me to tell me.... Imagine getting a text message that reads "Mason chocked on a fruit snack. Ms. Sherri did the Hemimlich. He is fine." I totally freaked out.. and I guess now, I should not have... cause he was fine!

I asked Mason about his day and he never brought it up. The kid talked about the Letter M, the picture they colored and the story they read... but never about the incident. I finally asked him about it and then he told me in a nonchalant way... like to him it was no big deal. The only thing he did say with any emotion was, "I'm never eating Batman fruit snacks again." Kids just let things roll off there back, when mothers (maybe I should just speak for myself) get freaked out over things that are not necessary.

After receiving Allen's text, all I could think about is the "what ifs." What if someone was not there, what if they couldn't get it out.... I could make myself sick with how my mind works in situations like this. I thank God that is is okay and that non of the what ifs happened. I am again reminded that these kids are not my own and that God had their days numbered. I pray that those numbers surpass mine....

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nap time

I live for my children's nap time. In fact, I'm shocked when I find 2 or 3 year olds that don't nap anymore. I look at the mother and think "Do you not know that you are missing out on the most important time of the day?" I have done whatever I can to keep my kids napping as long as I can. Some say that is lucky.... I call it surviving.

Mason has began the no nap stage for about 6 months now. He has up until this week, been napping about 3-4 times a week. This week he has not napped at all. He is required to take a 20 minute rest on his bed and then if he is not sleeping after that time, he can get up and do a quiet activity. I have always stressed that this time is "mommy time." I love that Mason has picked up on this and has found ways to keep himself busy during this time. He is very good at playing on the computer, coloring, watching a movie, or reading books to keep himself busy. I'm very blessed with a child that is very responsible and if he did not understand the importance that this time is on his mommy, he would still be napping!

Since I have a full time job of being a virtual teacher, nap time is when I get most of my work done. Currently I'm writing my blog, and listening to an online meeting. Meetings, phone calls to parents, paperwork, etc. can not get done when I have to change diapers, break up fights, play Candy Land and keep sippy cups full. I live for my nap time and our family pocket book needs me to continue this structured environment for my children.

Monday, August 11, 2008

First Day of School

Today Mason started kindergarten. WOW... what a big step for him.... what a hard step for me! He looked so cute in his brown polo shirt and brown oversized backpack. I looked at him as I was taking his picture today and remembered how he looked the day we brought him home from the hospital. He was wearing a blue stripe feet jammie from the Gap with a matching beanie. His little 9 pound body seemed so fragile and tiny. Now today his almost 60 pound body was kissing me good-bye as he walked into his class. He needed me so much 5 and half years ago and today he needed me much less.