Thursday, October 30, 2008

Date night

Tonight is family date night. Mason is going out for his very first time without us or my parents. He is going to the movies with my cousin, Cassandra, whom is 12 and her mom (my aunt) and my grandma. Okay, so it's really no big deal cause he is still going with family. But he is packed with money and jacket and he looks and feels like such a big boy on his first alone outing. Cassandra won tickets to see that weird looking movie, Beverly Hills Chihuahua. He is going to love it. He's been talking about it for weeks. I'm happy cause he gets to go for free and I don't have to watch it. Perfect!

Currently Daddy and Avery are on a father-daughter date. Avery has been very grumpy Allen lately. She is a moody girl to begin with, but she has been especially moody with her towards  dad. He decided to take her out to ice cream and spend some alone time with her. She was super excited to go - so I'm sure it will be time well spent with the two of them.

That leaves me alone with Jackson. He is cutting his two year molars, that seem to be never ending, and is a bit of a pain. I gave him some Tylenol when he woke up from his nap a bit ago and that has seemed to help. We have played a few games and now he is watching Dora, while I sneak away for some computer time.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A crazy few weeks.

I've been missing my blog land so much. Life has been very uneventful and every time I sit down to write a blog, something else seems more pressing.
The possessions in our life all seem to be breaking one by one. I have been wondering what God is trying to teach us. The door on the microwave has been falling off for the last several months. You have to pull it just right so that the whole door doesn't come off every time you open the door. Last week I stepped on the lever on the vacuum that makes the handle lay down and the whole lever broke and can't be put back together. Allen went to start the dishwasher on Sunday morning and it would not start. He took it all apart and attempted to fix it, but it just wouldn't start again. We have been washing all our dishes by hand and it is very much the pain. I realize now what a blessing a dishwasher is to have. Today I dropped Allen off at the DMV and then went to get us some Diet Coke refreshments. A sign caught my eye and I ran right in the back of a Honda Accord. Of course my American made car was fine - but the Honda's bumper was smashed to bits.
Seriously, God, what are you trying to teach me?

Allen getting his license back really made a great ending to this week! It is going to be so nice not driving him around and just to have someone else help with the extracurricular activities for the kids. All in all, this time has really taught me the importance of family. We lean on our family in hard times and this has been 7 months of hardship - for both Allen and myself. We had some great family memories in the car at 6:30 in the morning or packing up all the kids just to get on thing from the Lowe's down the street.

Allen's sister had a baby last week. She is our first niece. It is exciting to be so close to a situation and not be the one expierencing it. I have mixed emotions. Part of me is envious of her situation and remembers the eventful time with a newborn. And the other part of me is glad that stage of my life is over and I can sleep through the night and I have freedom to come and go as I please. I am excited to be an Auntie and spoil my niece (and any future siblings she may have) and then give her back to her parents!

Jackson has shown quite the imagination lately. Him and Avery were chasing lions down our hallway yesterday. He started to cry cause he was scared, so I gave him some lion dust that would make the lions disappear. It was so sweet to watch him run down the hall throwing his imaginary dust all over the place and telling the lions to go away.

Avery is becoming such the little lady. I looked at her tonight and saw no hint of baby left in her. Her little face and hands are all girl. Her body is stretching out and her baby pudge has disappeared. Her little attitude is becoming more and more apparent and I've had a glimpse of what it may be like when she is a teenager... scary thought!

As the possessions in my world are all breaking and causing me much grief - I need to remind myself what is really important. My family and the time that is slipping by each day. The kids are growing up. Who cares if the dishes never get done or the floors never get vacuumed, I'm going to watch my kids grow up! I'm blessed.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Another step into big kid land

The last picture of the full set of baby teeth!

I feel like I've been blogging alot about my big boy, Mason. So many changes have been happening in his life lately. Last week he lost his first tooth. He had been wiggling it for a few days and then it was just hanging there. He refused to let us pull it out, so for a few meals I had to cut up his food like he was an infant again. But then one morning, when he was up laying in his bed waiting for the sun to rise, he was playing with his tooth when it fell out. He said that he put it under his pillow, but the tooth fairy did not come. "Maybe she is on vacation." I told him that maybe if he put it under his pillow the next night and used the special tooth pillow that his Great Grandma LaVerne made for him, then she would probably come. Sure enough, the next night she came. She left Mason 5, $1 bills and a note. The note stated that the first tooth is always the best tooth and deserves more money then the rest. He should not count on that much money for each tooth.
Mason was so excited and was even more excited to find out that another tooth is loose!

Wiggling the loose tooth

It's finally OUT!!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mason's performance

I have finally uploaded the video from Mason's performance on Friday night. The quality of the video on youtube really sucks.... Allen says its because our camera is 6 years old.

But you get the gist of the performance. He is the clueless one behind the leader in green. At times he is turning the wrong way and scratching his nose! He sees his teacher in the audience and that almost sends him for a loop. He tells me after, "I didn't know Ms. Muzquiz knew about my church."

Everyone told him and me how cute he was.... despite not knowing the whole routine! I'm proud of the hardwork that he has put into learning some of it and I know he will only get better cause he loves it!

I'm not sure how to upload it here.. I actually tried and it took all day and nothing happened. So here is the youtube link.