Sunday, January 24, 2010

God's presence

There are moments in time when I feel God's presence so powerfully. Tonight was one of those times. I've had a long weekend and the last thing on our long three days was to attend service tonight. My body ached, my kid's were whiny and I could find any excuse why not to go. Needless to say, we just went. It is at those times that God really shows his face and boy was His face bright tonight!
I'm very much a worship girl. I love singing, although I'm not very good at it! I feel closest to God when I'm singing to him. Tonight was no exception. I felt like it was just me and God. He was there and He LOVED that I was singing to Him... I could feel it!
I think about the Throne of God and how amazing that will be to enter his presence and sing amongst all the angels. WOW! It may be like 10 times the feeling that I experienced tonight.
God is powerful and I am so glad I have chosen to follow Him!

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